Eye of Solitude


The Eye Of Solitude is the heart of forests where unsettled spirits dwell, it is the fear within, the carnal ripping of every thought when abandoned in despair, it is nightmare and enlightenment, a fearsome tide that carries the soul and mind onto dark realms of insanity.

The music is inspired by emotional distress, inner pain and a cruel combination of negativity and grief. Dark shapes that terrorize the soul and keep it captive on the altar of suffering, until when not being able to breathe any longer, it finds its end – a supreme escape towards peace and eternal rest.

Eye Of Solitude started off in 2010 as a one man project,releasing this way “The Ghost”, the very first material and album in the same year which has the proud status of being sold out. Soon after,the project was joined by Jeff Barber and Matthew White. In this formula, Eye Of Solitude perform their first few live appearances.

2011 is a year of major changes for the band, once with Indee joining the band on guitars, and the release of the second, self titled material, which brings a slightly different approach to the music and concept.

In 2012, EOS gathers a full line-up,sign with Kaotoxin Records (Fra) and release the second full length album “Sui Caedere”. The album is critically acclaimed and receives extremely positive reviews from some of the biggest publications in the industry. During the same year,the band plays a few shows that win the people’s respect and fidelity and pays homage to the National Association For The Blind from Romania, by releasing a charity EP.

Now, in 2013, Eye Of Solitude takes pride with the release of their third full length “Canto III”, a kick ass line-up, a sick label and an impressive gig CV.

Eye Of Solitude are:

Daniel Neagoe – Vocals
Mark Antoniades – Guitars
Steffan Gough – Guitars
Chris Davies – Bass
Adriano Ferraro – Drums