Eye of Solitude

EYE OF SOLITUDE post “Dear Insanity” trailer ; announce new line-up and more…

UK masters of everything dark and heavy EYE OF SOLITUDE have just unleashed the trailer for their forthcoming, 50 minutes single-song, collector EP, “Dear Insanity” (see below) and took that opportunity to announce even more news, including the addition of new guitarist Steffan G. as a permanent replacement for past guitar player Indee Rehal-Sagoo who left the band in June.

EYE OF SOLITUDE also announced the extension of their forthcoming “March of Solitude” European tour with Saturnus and Marche Funèbre with the addition of a gig in their London hometown on March 12th and the inking of a booking deal with Old Empire, the company already in charge of the booking for SIDIOUS.

“Dear Insanity” preorders will start on Nov.03 for release dates set as follows: Nov.24 for France, Dec.01 for Europe and Dec.02 for the rest of the world (and digital). The EP comes as a 500 copies limited edition DigiSleeve CD and a 100 copies limited edition cassette tape with no future repress.